With LED application in more and more fields, and LED lamp light efficiency improve but cost down, competition increasing, the regular led lamps are difficult to meet all market demands and make dealers, distributors distinguish themselves from others. With past years experience, BBF keeps innovation on led lamps development from discoveries on user applications, LED high bay lights B02 is one of our important discoveries.


      As general led tube light application, BBF LED high bay light B02 is with traditional tube similar design, made with SMD LED chips, but with silicon pad surrounded for waterproof IP65, high quality brand Mean Well LED driver, it is with more advantages compared to traditional led high bay lamps ;

1) Composed with lots of SMD leds, more uniform led illuminate than initial COB or high power led



2) Each LED light sources are surrounded with silicon pads, better head dissipation.


3) Aluminum housing with Mean Well LED driver, better head dissipation ,makes its lifespan longer


      Besides, to protect warehouse workers avoiding hurt, we make the lamp housing with both Yellow&green color to make it more visible in some Conner applications.




      For some high warehouse shelves, it can be installed with surface mounted way, except regular hanging installation.


      Currently we have 80W, 120W, 150W, 180W as well as 200W available. 


LED High bay light B02- New discovery for led warehouse lamp